Choose Campuses to View in Apples2Apples

You can select campuses in either one of two ways — by name(s) or by attribute(s) — to see data and graphs of academic progress against real spending. See Help for more details.

Select by Name(s):

To see detailed data and visualizations for your campus, first, select the school district or begin typing its name in the Districts box. Then, click the Filter Campuses > button.

Select the campus or begin typing its name in the Campuses box. Choose only one campus to see how it compares to its closest peers.

To create a custom data table, select more than one campus. You can select multiple campuses one at a time in the Campuses box.

When you're ready to see the results, click the Show Me > button.

1. Choose one or more Districts to filter the Campuses selection list (optional)

2. Choose a Campus or Other Selection Criteria