Download TXSmartSchool Data

You can download our data from the table below. Because some of the files are very large, they are broken down by year into all districts and all campuses.

Each TXSmartSchools release is based on data from the three prior completed school years. The data used to calculate the 2020 Smart School results can be found in the 2018-2019 school year file. Similarly, the data for the 2019 Smart School results can be found in the 2017-2018 school year file.

Click any link in the table below and your browser will ask you whether you want to save or open a .CSV file. CSV files can be opened by any spreadsheet (such as Excel) or text editing program. Note that most spreadsheet programs suppress leading zeroes which will affect how you see district and campus id numbers.

For more information about the data in these files, refer to About the Data or the Glossary under Help.

Smart Scores School Year District Data Campus Data
2020 2018-19 District Data 2018-19 (CSV) Campus Data 2018-19 (CSV)
2019 2017-18 District Data 2017-18 (CSV) Campus Data 2017-18 (CSV)
2018 2016-17 District Data 2016-17 (CSV) Campus Data 2016-17 (CSV)
2017 2015-16 District Data 2015-16 (CSV) Campus Data 2015-16 (CSV)
2016 2014-15 District Data 2014-15 (CSV) Campus Data 2014-15 (CSV)
2015 2013-14 District Data 2013-14 (CSV) Campus Data 2013-14 (CSV)

Smart Scores School Year District Fiscal Peers Campus Fiscal Peers
2020 2018-19 District Peers 2018-19 (CSV) Campus Peers 2018-19 (CSV)
2019 2017-18 District Peers 2017-18 (CSV) Campus Peers 2017-18 (CSV)
2018 2016-17 District Peers 2016-17 (CSV) Campus Peers 2016-17 (CSV)
2017 2015-16 District Peers 2015-16 (CSV) Campus Peers 2015-16 (CSV)
2016 2014-15 District Peers 2014-15 (CSV) Campus Peers 2014-15 (CSV)
2015 2013-14 District Peers 2013-14 (CSV) Campus Peers 2013-14 (CSV)

School Year State Data
All Years Texas State Data (CSV)
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